" Experience our difference .
You will adopt it easily . "

CBis.com approach

Our ambition is  to make a difference with CBis.com by offering complete  transparency to our customers. This can result in total involvement in (key-position) recruitment to side by side working with your dedicated Agents. 

For all your  operations we offer an access to our system’s  supervision and statistics tool. This will allow you to monitor and follow-up in real-time all your operations on the work-floor.

Your local, dedicated Team-leader, supervisors and even Agents can constantly be in direct relation with you.

Keywords in our transparency:

  • Remote Wall board
  • Real-time remote supervision
  • Remote listening-in  Agent-whispering and Agent-chat
  • Remote ‘live’ access to system statistics and/or automatic day-to-day stats
  • You and your staff will always have an open door to our Platforms; we encourage you to spend time with your Team as much as possible.

Our management is trained according to European standards and the day to day management-team consist of a balance of Moroccan an European managers who all have a long track-record in BPO, certifying the application of the European organizational and quality standards.