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Human Resources

Our recruitment policy provides CBis.com continuously with high quality staff, and also creates a well-qualified pool of candidates and reserves.

Recruitment diagram:


One of our strengths today is the quality of our staff.  In Casablanca we have become an employer of choice, we provide our employees a comfortable and safe work environment, and we invest continuously in staff satisfaction and career development.

We have always respected local labor legislation and Contributions, and we are convinced that we offer a competitive remuneration package to our employees.

Our management  style can be described as non-authoritarian leadership, and provides vision and direction but at the same time we stay very open and accessible. We like to  promote a clear 2-way communication and to enhance the staff involvement and commitment towards our clients’ activities.


Our reward: churn rates are well below the averages in the sector.

Training process

Our training process has a strong focus on the delivery of high quality as from day one, and actively promotes the use of the skill improvement curve. By definition we apply a continuous training plan, aligned with the career planning.

Training diagram: