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Technical set-up

We have implemented a full redundant platform that meets European High availability standards. In Europe we have multiple Telco-routes that automatically switch over to the alternative route in case of problems. Our Leased lines between Europe and Casablanca are redundant and our local Telephony connection is linked to two different backbones in case of local problems. In case of a Power-cut we can switch over to a Power-Generator that supplies enough electricity for all System-servers and Agent-positions.

  • Redundant  platforms in Casablanca Site
  • Best of breed  fire-walls
  • Independent back-up power supply
  • Back-up leased lines and back-up local lines
  • Back-up data bandwidth
  • Disaster-recovery sites within a distance of 5 kilometers (fire) and +100 kilometers (earthquake)


CBis.com guarantees their clients an overall up-time of >99,9%  !

Our technology solution enables us to resolve all current and future clients’ requests: up-staffing, new/additional business, future demands, change of processes, etc.

The Hermes.net remote control tool enables the clients to monitor 24/7 their operations. The real-time supervision web application enables:

  • Real time supervision of contacts
  • Real time reporting
  • Real time quality monitoring
  • Real time coaching
  • Real time monitoring of contact reasons
  • All wall-board functionalities