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Renting services program

Starting your own  Off-shore Contact Center  is now very easy. Established companies or young Start-ups can rent a fully equipped, state-of-the-art Call-Center position.


If your Company has a Moroccan Entity you can simply rent your Agent work-positions at CBis.com.  You pay a fixed rate per Agent-position which includes desk, PC , all modern Call-Center functionalities like Inbound, (predictive) Outbound, Mail and Web.  Training and meeting room and all regular infrastructure are made available to start immediately. Your Agents, Supervisor and overhead-staff are on your payroll, we take care of the IT and set-up of your campaign.

For companies that do not have an Entity in Morocco we can, under special conditions, even take care of the ‘Pay-rolling’ of your Agents.

Transparent and manageable;  we will charge you a fixed price per seat with only the Telco-costs as a variable.


Find your way in Moroccan Off-shore with CBis .com