" We live in a multi-channel World. We answer to that World "

Web services program

According to Market research , over 30% of your customers are using other channels than the phone, over 70% of your (potential) customers will initially access your website to find answers  to their questions.


Once your customers arrive on  your Website it is even more  more important for you to understand  that a most  of your website visitors consider “live assistance”  one of the most important features of your site.

Proactive Web-channel management’ will increase customer satisfaction and improve online sales. An on-line customer seeking for answers or looking at your products/services should be pro-actively approached by inviting them to a chat-session, or proposing  them a web call-back or a click-to-call.

Engage you customer to a (on-line)  dialogue and help him out with his questions or propose a nice discount! Success guarantied and your customer satisfaction and/or on-line sales will grow dramatically.