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Our co-shareholder NewCo Communications wins the prestigious “Best Partnership Award” with Ortel Mobile In the Royal Caviars Edition 2014.

On May 27, 2014 the eminent Belgian Federation of Contact Centers (contactcenters.be) has awarded for the sixth time the CAVIARS. These awards are granted to companies which have distinguished themselves during the past year in the Belgian contact center sector. In this Royal Edition the jury was composed by a mixture of academics (university professors) and top company executives, what gave the signification of the 2014 award an extra dimension and value.

NewCo has won with this highly ambitioned award for their unique partnership with Ortel Mobile. Ortel Mobile is one of the largest European providers of prepaid telecommunications services. Ortel Mobile is part of the Base/KPN group. NewCo Communications is a Belgian company, founded in 2010, fully focused and specialized in multi-lingual near-and offshore contact center BPO solutions.

Remarkable detail of the submitted case-study is that Ortel’s integral (multi-lingual) customer care takes place in an offshore environment. NewCo serves Ortel Mobile from their site in Casablanca, Morocco. Next to the high importance of partnership in outsourcing, NewCo clearly proves with hard facts and figures that offshoring means much more than just a strong reduction in cost. NewCo’s offshore offer has no impact at all on the quality and customer experience, on the contrary! To give an indication: the NPS (Net Promoter Score), a well-known barometer for the quality of service and customer experience, is close to 40, which is one of the best scores in the European telecommunications industry.

NewCo applies a very refreshing, inspiring and innovative approach in the relationship with their clients, which is translated in a total transparency, pro-activity and commitment. NewCo has the reputation always to go the Extra Mile for their clients resulting in strong partnerships without Frontiers.


March 2014: We welcome Jim Mobile

http://www.schoolrockfestival.be/2013/images/partners/jim.jpgSunday March 2, we welcomed the operational Management in the C Bis.com offices for the kick-off of their new campaign in partnership with NewCo Communications. Base Company is the No. 2 operator in Belgium recently published to have the best Mobile coverage in Belgium. Base is a full Daughter of KPN Holland. NewCo and C Bis shall be handling all activation calls for their pre-paid solution sold outside their Base-Shops.  We shall handle these activations calls 24 hours a day,  7 days a week for French and Flemish speaking Customers


February 2014: Joint Venture with CBis.com

It was already pending for some time that we would take the next step. Since 2012 both shareholders of NewCo already took a personal interest in CBis.com to confirm our  partnership and to guarantee continuity for CBis.com as well as NewCo.  2013 showed that this involvement paid off and that for both companies it would strategically be the best decision to formalize between Companies; this means that NewCo has now officially become Co-Shareholder and will be represented in the board by Marc Ternest and John Holst.


January 2014: We welcome Transatel France

We thank Transatel for their trust in NewCo Communications.  The result of this is that C Bis.com as of February handles day to day  the total Customer  Care Service of Le French Mobile by Transatel. We will be handling their Customer calls, e-mails  and Chats sessions in French, Dutch and English.


January 2014: Caviars Awards 2014 in the category “Best Partnership”

Our co-shareholder NewCo Communications submitted in January in collaboration with their client “Ortel Mobile” a business case for the Belgian Caviars 2014 in the category “Best Partnership”.   NewCo (operated by CBis.com) and Ortel Mobile are working together since 2010 and the contract has recently been extended for a new period of 3 years. We are very proud to work for this very successful and excellent partnership  between Ortel Mobile and NewCo. C Bis.com is delighted that NewCo gives extra value and attention to this unique partnership where we play an important role, via the prestigious Caviars Contact Center Awards,  an initiative of Contactcenters.be (the Belgian association of contact center providers). On 27th of May the Winner of the award will be published.



Le Salon de rélation clients (Former SECA)

April,  8-9-10
Paris – Porte de Versailles
Pavillion 7.1

Probably one of the the most important combined exhibition in France featuring  a special 2014 edition with the motto of Customer Excellence.

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Meet all important actors and suppliers supporting Morocco to become one of the emerging countries in quality off-shore  services. The Siccam is the perfect meeting place to understand hat is all about.  Tip: it’s ‘nice to have’ if  you speak French over there.

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